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V1.6.4 Latest Release

- Registration to survey control distance as deviation marker, enables it to be exported to excel

- Support for Microsoft Cloud Azure storage

- Import DWG and DGN files

- RCP file can be published to Bloom Explorer for sharing

- W,A,S,D game mode navigation. The 'S' keyboard shortcut for Point Selection has been changed to 'P'.


- PTX import with registration transforms fixed

- crash fix for rotate of group node by numeric input and a workflow within optimized node creation

- Support for 360 image capture and publishing

- UCS for deleted geometry, does not affect UCS of re-imported geometry

- Enhanced deviation map and contour lines. Also has improved brush point selection.

- Revit scope boxes, used to control the crop region of a view, are translated to saved Model Views

- Bug fix: noise removal when importing e57 and rcp files

- Section Offset tool: Validation of CAD column/wall offset from Scandata

- Export hyperlinked webviews.

- Deviation reporting to Excel in a grid format for  planes (floors & walls), pipes, elbows (spools), and spheres.

- Upgrade of libraries. If you revert back to 1.6.0 or less, you will have to uninstall this version or later, only then you can install previous versions.

- Panoramic scan and sitemap views.

- Publish to Local Area Network and access with Bloom Explorer App.

- Multi object animation. Supports editing of keyframes on each object.

- Create sphere and spherical grid for measuring deviation of spherical vessels.


- PTX export and RCS import issues fixed

- Sometimes for deletion of geometry, the UI was inoperative

- crash fix for Revit 2019 connector


- Bug fixes

- Color support for Faro files.


- Export points in Autodesk Recap format using native SDK


- Enhancements to Autocad plugin: floor contours, markers by layers

- Faro 7.1.2 SDK upgrade

- Rotate Transform Reset command (rotate -t selected --reset)

- Colored floor contours with configurable color ramp


- Autocad connect export markers and deviation annotations

- export registration rms to excel


- option to create Plane and cylinder at origin or center

- extrude lines

- deviation map is editable and dynamic. Change number of steps or color

- change visibility of markers by layer (BUG FIX)

- crash fix for marker position- Autocad 2019 support


- Support for Trimble's .tzf format

- Clash detection while animating

- Automatic Registration

- Registration allows for locking z axis to vertical

- RCP export to Autocad and Revit

- deviation from grid points

- meter/feet option for importing survey control file


- BIM category attributes user interface in My Scripts tool

- Align Rotate and Align Floor plugins in My Scripts

- Floor analysis tool

- Deviation from lines and circles to pointcloud

- Create grid lines on plane and cylinder. Available as a plugin in My Scripts

- Excel export and Export connect separated in all tools as a separate button

- Polyline creation tool

- 2D shape creation

- single instance of Bloom

- Floating license support

- Import directory of scandata, without duplication. Enables re-importing missing files.

- Clash detection enables identification of both clashed geometries

- Extrude lines

- Clash detection plugin for pointcloud to pointcloud

- Ctrl+P captures screen and puts the image in Clipboard

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